Whether you are looking to complete your language requirement, prepare for study abroad, or add a minor to your transcript, the LCTL center has many languages options for you. Our class sizes are small, allowing for a more personalized education. Below is a list of languages that are currently being offered:

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is growing in use every day. Learn about courses and the ASL certificates. 


Amharic is a language spoken by over 25 million people and native to Ethiopia. Enhance your knowledge of African studies.


Arabic is ranked one of the top six languages of the world. Discover the possibilities with courses.

Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole is a French based creole language spoken by about 12 million people world wide


Hindi is the national language of India, and the state of language of six of its provinces.


Hungarian is one of the few modern languages of Europe that is not of Indo-European origin. 


Heighten your understanding of modern Irish society and the culture of the Emerald Isle with Irish Courses.

Modern Greek

Modern Greek is a language of unique expressiveness and communicative power with over 3,000 years of history. 

Persian (Farsi)

Knowledge of the Persian language is in demand in many industries and an important language in the Middle East. 


Get to know a whole new world of South American indigenous cultures with Quechua classes.


Swahili is the official national language of Kenya and Tanzania and is one of the working languages of the African Union.


Learn to communicate with people in all of the Scandiavian countries by learning Swedish.


About 75 million people speak Turkish as their first language and it is an in-demand language for government jobs.


Vietnamese Americans are the fourth largest Asian American ethnic group in the U.S. Sharpen your knowledge!