Ethiopia Landscape, Hamitu5

Amharic is a language spoken by over 25 million people and native to Ethiopia. Amharic, taught by Meshesha Make, will help you fulfill your language requirement while learning the Amharic language, the unique Amharic script, and all about Ethiopian culture. This course will be valuable for those interested in linguistics, international studies, African studies, and those who want to learn just for fun! Study Amharic at the University of Pittsburgh!

Courses Offered

Please see Amharic Course Descriptions for information about the Amharic courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Amharic?

  • To know the second most spoken Semitic language, following Arabic
  • To be able to read the very unique Amharic Fidel
  • To enhance your studies in linguistics, politics, anthropology, history, and international business

Use Amharic to Earn Pitt Credentials 

Amharic Outside the Classroom