Study Danish at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn the basics in Danish 1 and continue to build on these skills in Danish 2. Danish is a great language to use to fulfill your language requirement or to learn in order to better communicate with friends and family. Whatever your reasoning, studying Danish, taught by Tamara Bojsen, at the University of Pittsburgh will be one of the best decisions you make!

Courses Offered

Please see Danish Course Descriptions for information about Danish courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Danish?

  • Learning Danish will help you communicate in the other Scandinavian languages
  • To read Hans Christian Andersen stories in his native language
  • According to the World Happiness Report by the United Nations, the people in Denmark are happier than anyone else in the world!

Use Danish to Earn Pitt Credentials 

What do students say?

"Learning Danish has allowed me to find an outlet for my insatiable curiosity about the world and its many cultures."  -Graham, '21
"Knowledge of Danish has given me information and language experience for a country in which I wish to study."  -Kayla, '21