Haitian Creole Course Descriptions

The following courses are offered regularly as a part of our Haitian Creole language program. For all Haitian Creole catalog listings and current scheduling information please check the PS Mobile Course Catalog.

Haitian Creole Language Courses

LCTL 0351 - Haitian Creole 1
This course will help you learn to understand, and to express yourself creatively in both spoken and written Haitian Creole. You will acquire basic knowledge of everyday Haitian Creole and of the country and culture of Haiti. We will focus on building communicative competence and conversational proficiency, while simultaneously building a solid foundation in Haitian Creole grammar, writing, listening and reading comprehension skills. 
LCTL 0102 - Foreign Language 2 (Topic: Haitian Creole 2)
Course description coming soon!