If you want to get to know a truly unique language, choose Hungarian at the University of Pittsburgh. Start at the beginner level in Hungarian 1 and build up your proficiency in the subsequent levels. Fulfill your language requirement and build confidence to speak, read, write and understand the language, whether you are learning it out of an interest in linguistics, the history of the region, your heritage, or just for fun. Yes. Fun! Taught by native Hungarian Viktoria Batista, you will also heighten your understanding of the culture and customs, and get a taste of Hungarian film, music, and literature. Sign up for a Global Studies or a REES Certificate, apply for a Fulbright Scholarship or a Nationality Room Scholarship and enhance your experience by studying in Hungary. We look forward to seeing you in our classes!

Courses Offered

Please see Hungarian Course Descriptions for information about Hungarian courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Hungarian?

  • Hungarian is one of the few modern languages of Europe that is not of Indo-European origin.
  • Knowledge of Hungarian gives you an edge in international relations, sciences and health care.
  • The alphabet is phonetic, which makes learning pronunciation much easier. No ambiguities, like so often in English!
  • Aiming to be completely gender-neutral? Hungarians know no other way. There are no separate terms for "he" and "she". 
  • It's a wonderful country, whether you are looking to work, party, or enjoy nature.
  • will often LOL while learning. Hungarian is just really funny. That's probably why Hungarians have a wicked sense of humor.

Use Hungarian to Earn Pitt Credentials 

Hungarian Outside the Classroom

What do students say?

"Learning Hungarian has impacted my life because I have been able to learn the language that my grandmother grew up speaking. It has also helped me understand another part of the world that is not talked about a lot and I would recommend studying Hungarian because it is unlike any of the popular languages that are taught regularly."  -Catherine, '20
"I am thrilled to be finally learning the grammar and vocabulary I missed at home in the kitchen! Great class! Lots of learning and fun!" -Peg, '17
"It was one of the most challenging and rewarding class experiences I've ever had in my academic career. It took Hungarian at the LCTL center to enhance my linguistic knowledge, to be able to connect with my extended family in Hungary, and for the challenge of learning a difficult language. It was difficult, but I enjoyed every moment of it!" -Justin, '18
"7 years after my first and only Hungarian class, I still maintain that unique corner of my mind with new materials and a dear friend." -Jay, '11