Study Irish at the University of Pittsburgh and take advantage of our introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level Irish courses taught by native Dubliner, Marie Young. Enroll in our Culture and Traditions of Ireland course (taught in English) and heighten your understanding of modern Irish society and the culture of the Emerald Isle. Participate in our Culture and Language Immersion in Ireland trip over the summer, and absorb Gaeilge and Irish Culture with native speakers in Ireland. Sign up for a Global Studies or West European Certificate, and use Irish to fulfill your language requirement. Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship, or Nationality Room Scholarship, and fund your summer language study at one of several locations in Ireland. Our Irish Language classes are aligned with the Common European Framework, and you can apply to have your proficiency level evaluated through the TEASTAS EORPACH NA GAEILGE (Irish language proficiency testing for adult learners of Irish). Study Irish at Pitt! We look forward to seeing you in our classes!

Courses Offered

Please see Irish Course Descriptions for information about Irish courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Irish?

  • Make that connection to your ancestors and heritage.
  • Enhance communicative skills within a warm inviting classroom environment.
  • Become a global language learner.
  • Gain an appreciation for the culture of another country and its tradition.

Use Irish to Earn Pitt Credentials 

Irish Outside the Classroom

What do Students Say?

"I'm a couple of years removed from this course and I still frequently find my thoughts slipping seamlessly into Irish."  - Brian, '12
"This class combined music, culture, and history (not to mention a lot of fun) with learning the Irish language. A phenomenal course."  -Michael, '15
"In 2013 I won the Mary Campbell Cross/ Irish Room Committee Scholarship for summer study abroad in Ireland. I studied Irish literature and pop culture."  -Daniel, '14