Landscape, Шухрат Саъдиев

The Persian program at The University of Pittsburgh is committed to training the next generation of Persian language speakers. Students in the program have the opportunity to study up to eight levels of Persian language including training in oral, reading, writing, and cultural skills. Several generous scholarship opportunities are available to study the Persian language for undergraduate and graduate students.

Courses Offered

Please see Persian/Farsi Course Descriptions for information about Persian/Farsi courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Persian?

  • Persian is one of the most important languages of the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • Persian speakers are in high demand for government, business, military, international law, and engineering jobs!
  • Persian is one of the oldest languages in the world!
  • Persian speakers can be found in every major city in the western world.

Use Persian to Earn Pitt Credentials

Persian Outside the Classroom

What Do Students Say?

"My Persian studies at The University of Pittsburgh have helped me academically, professionally, and personally in numerous ways." -Kate, '12
"Thanks to Persian, I have been a popular candidate at several career fairs and have opportunities all over the world!"  -Joseph, '13
"My background in Farsi has opened up so many opportunities for me; I am very grateful for this program and its positive influence on my life."  -Amanda, '14