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Vietnamese is the national language of Vietnam and the mother tongue of the Vietnamese people. It is the most spoken language in the Austro-Asiatic language family and is written using a modified version of the Latin alphabet with six tones.

Vietnamese speakers have emigrated all around the world. Nearly half of all overseas Vietnamese have settled in the United States, including our Vietnamese instructor, Hanh Nguyen from Cần Thơ, Vietnam. Vietnamese Americans are the fourth largest Asian American ethnic group in the country. Over five million tourists have visited Vietnam in the past year. 

Courses Offered:

Please see Vietnamese Course Descriptions for information about Vietnamese courses offered at the University of Pittsburgh.

Why Study Vietnamese?

  • Learn Vietnamese to better connect with friends and family members
  • Enhance your resume
  • Prepare to follow your dream of being a world traveler

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Vietnamese Outside The Classroom

What do students say?

"For me, Vietnamese has been more than just a class - it's been a chance to connect with my heritage. Not only am I learning to do little things like tell time and order at restaurants, but more importantly I feel like I'm keeping alive a bit of the culture that my father left behind during the war."  -Tinh, '18
"Knowledge of Vietnamese will be a tremendous help to my research in the country" - Yue, '17