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Study Swedish at the University of Pittsburgh and take advantage of our introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level Swedish courses taught by native Swede, Eva Albertsson. Have fun learning a new language in an environment that encourages speaking and communication and using Swedish outside the classroom. Enroll in our 'Sweden-From Vikings to Now' course (taught in English) and study Swedish history, culture, and traditions to get a better understanding of what modern multi-cultural Sweden is like and how it got that way.

Courses Offered

  • Swedish 1: SWE 0101
  • Swedish 2: SWE 0102
  • Swedish 3: SWE 0103
  • Swedish 4: SWE 0104
  • Swedish 5: SWE 0105
  • Swedish 6: SWE 0106

Why Study Swedish?

  • learn to communicate with people in all of the Scandiavian countries
  • support your studies in medicine, design, and renewable energy
  • expand your career potential
  • become a world citizen

Use Swedish to Earn Pitt Credentials



My name is Eva Albertsson. I was born and raised in Kristianstad in Sweden. I always loved languages and growing up in southern Sweden, close to the continent, I loved spending my holidays traveling and learning new languages. I graduated from Lund University in 1990 with an MA in Language Education teaching English/Swedish. Work assignments moved my family to Australia and South Korea among other places until we ended up in Pittsburgh, where I have been the Swedish Instructor for the LCTL Center since 2004. After almost 20 years away from Sweden, I still feel like I have two homes – when I’m in the US, I go ‘home’ to Sweden and then back ‘home’ to Pittsburgh. It gives me a unique perspective to observe all the changes Sweden is going through today, as I compare the country I was raised in with the country I come back to visit today. 

Swedish Outside the Classroom

Useful Links

Study Swedish in Sweden

Are you interested in Study Abroad? Check out the LCTL Study Abroad page to learn how to study Swedish in Sweden!

Did You Know?

9.2 million people speak Swedish

Did You Know?

Swedish is an official language in Sweden and Finland

Did You Know?

Swedish was only made the official language of Sweden in 2009

Did You Know?

Sweden offers 480 days of paid maternity leave

Did You Know?

The official Twitter account of Sweden is run by a different citizen every week

Did You Know?

As of 2004 you can pay your taxes by sending a text message from your phone

Did You Know?

Sweden is the 3rd largest exporter of music after the US and the United Kingdom

Did You Know?

Sweden pays high school students $187 per month to attend school

Did You Know?

Swedish only has about 125,000 words so we use compounds to form new words: nagellacksborttagningsmedel (nail polish remover)

What Do Students Say?



"I feel I learned more Swedish in one year than I learned in four years of HS German."

-Jack '17




"The all-around atmosphere in the class makes learning easy, fun and not a chore!".

-Erza, '16



"Swedish is a great language to learn because you start speaking with proficiency at an early level."

- Alli, '12

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