American Sign Language Faculty

Erin "Airza" Bosley
ASL Instructor
Jillian Forschner
ASL Instructor
Debra L. Hast
ASL Instructor, ASL Program Coordinator, ASL Certificate Advisor
Kristen Henry
ASL Instructor
Lori Milcic
ASL-English Interpreting Instructor
Michelle Paonessa
ASL Instructor
Wendy Payne-Craig
ASL Instructor

Arabic Language Faculty

Myriam Abdel-Malek, PhD
Arabic Instructor (Egyptian/Levantine)
Islam Medhat Abdelizaz Farag
Visiting Arabic Instructor (Egyptian)
Rasha Al-Hasimi
Arabic Instructor (Levantine)
Amani Attia, PhD
Lecturer, Arabic Instructor (Egyptian/Levantine), Arabic Language Program Coordinator, Arabic Certificate Advisor
Abdesalam Soudi, PhD
Lecturer, Arabic Linguistics Instructor, Linguistic Internship and Consulting Advisor

Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Faculty

Gretchen Aiyangar
Instructor, LCTL Program Coordinator, LCTL Minors Advisor
Eva Albertsson
Swedish Instructor, Swedish Program Coordinator, Swedish Minor Advisor
Viktoria Batista, PhD
Lecturer, Hungarian Instructor, Hungarian Program Coordinator
Alana DeLoge
Quechua Instructor, Quechua Program Coordinator, Quechua Minor Advisor, PhD Candidate in Linguistics
Shukuh Ghaznavi
Persian/Farsi Instructor, Persian/Farsi Program Coordinator, Persian/Farsi Minor Advisor
Hirut Kollech
Amharic Instructor, PhD Student in Computational Modeling and Simulation
Ilknur Lider
Turkish Instructor, Turkish Program Coordinator, Turkish Minor Advisor
Filipo Lubua, PhD
Swahili Instructor, Swahili Program Coordinator, Swahili Minor Advisor
Claude Mauk, PhD
Senior Lecturer; Director, Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center
Hanh Nguyen
Vietnamese Instructor
Areti Papanastasiou
Modern Greek Instructor, Modern Greek Program Coordinator, Modern Greek Minor Advisor
Vibha Shetiya, PhD
Lecturer, Hindi Instructor, Hindi Program Coordinator, Hindi Minor Advisor
Gerdine Ulysse
Haitian Creole Instructor, PhD Student in Second Language Acquisition
Emmanuel Wanjala
Swahili FLTA (Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant)
Marie Young
Irish/Gaeilge Instructor, Irish/Gaeilge Program Coordinator, Irish/Gaeilge Minor Advisor


Anthony Verardi
LCTL Administrator