Eva Albertsson

  • Swedish Instructor, Swedish Program Coordinator, Swedish Minor Advisor

My name is Eva Albertsson. I was born and raised in Kristianstad in Sweden. I always loved languages and growing up in southern Sweden, close to the continent, I loved spending my holidays traveling and learning new languages. I graduated from Lund University in 1990 with an MA in Language Education teaching English/Swedish. Work assignments moved my family to Australia and South Korea among other places until we ended up in Pittsburgh, where I have been the Swedish Instructor for the LCTL Center since 2004. After almost 20 years away from Sweden, I still feel like I have two homes – when I’m in the US, I go ‘home’ to Sweden and then back ‘home’ to Pittsburgh. It gives me a unique perspective to observe all the changes Sweden is going through today, as I compare the country I was raised in with the country I come back to visit today. You can read more about Eva and the Swedish Program in this Silhouette from The Pitt News (2020).